Wednesday 22 April 2015

Beyond The Mountains (Daniel Denis, 1991)

I usually don't like what someone would call experimental music or maybe RIO. But I do think Daniel Denis - yes, the member of Univers Zéro - knows how to explore new frontiers without that good deal of boredome such a task too often icludes. Take this "Beyond The Mountains", the opening track of his solo album "Sirius And The Ghosts". It's a rather long instrumental based on an obsessive short theme, a compulsive, slightly dissonant lilt going through a dozen variations. Sounds exactly like the stuff I usually try to skip. Well, not at all.

This album was the first solo work by Daniel Denis.

Not only Denis catches my attention, but he also succeeds in what seemed imposssible to me: his piece of music surely is unusual and unsettling, but also pleasant and full or real emotions. Oh my... not a pure intellectual experience, but a revealing, passionate, even touching track! Try it, my friends, and see how RIO - or whatever you call this kind of music - can be when a great and sensitive musician takes care of it...

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