Friday, 10 April 2015

The Cross & The Crucible (Pallas, 2001)

Pallas made their way into the progressive hearts thanks - among many other qualities - to their energy and to their brilliant tempo changes. That's exactly what you'll find in the title song of their 2001 album. A beautiful, deep background supports Alan Reed's vocals in the first part of the track, while the guitar and some pseudo-gregorian choirs introduce a largely instrumental final section, full of epic effects and including a wonderful guitar solo by Niall Mathewson.

"The Cross & The Crucible" was the fifth studio album by Pallas.
This song presents in a highly dynamic way the concept of the album, based on the double option of faith and science and on their relative risks. What I especially like here is the round, somewhat tridimensional sound, and also the pleasant contrast between smooth and rough instruments, something Pallas know how to set up since their debut album. Thank you for that, guys!

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