Saturday 11 April 2015

Snowballs (Horizont / Горизонт, 1985)

The first Horizont's album actually is a prog gem and definitely can be considered as one of the best fruits of Russian prog. It only includes three long tracks and this is the opening one, called "Snowballs". That's an excellent example of what we used to call descriptive music, so that you can actually see a snowball battle going on and an enchanted, wintery landscape all around.

Horizont in concert during the '70s.

Ranging from symphonic to electronic arrangements, this instrumental track includes effective choral harmonies and some beautiful guitar / piano interplays. It's a puzzling mix of Yes and Kraftwerk, Focus and Magma... in short, it's Horizont themselves. I don't know how it will seem like to you, but I bet you won't be bored at all!

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