Wednesday 15 April 2015

Island (Mayfair, 2013)

I was immediatly charmed by this prog ballad when I first listened to it. Mayfair are an Austrian band playing their own kind of rock, related to prog, mainstream, metal and melodic genres. Mayfair don't like tricky arrangements and are rather lured by plain structures and coherent moods. "Island", as a matter of fact, is a pure evocative song, sung both in German and English and taken from the album "Schlage Mein Herz Schlage..." (meaning "Beat, My Heart, Beat...").

This was Mayfair's fourth studio album.
These musicians have a strong melodic and emotional approach to music, something rather rare among prog or prog-related bands, but also something I usually appreciate very much. And they're also very good at mixing guitars and keyboards in order to create a suspended atmosphere, cleverly stressed by the rythm section. This song is a crepuscular sketch, a deep, inner reflection proving how much a plain ballad can be... progressive!

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