Friday 3 April 2015

The Ghost & The Teenager (The Watch, 2001)

Simone Rossetti's band - once called The Nightwatch - is one of the best values in the Italian prog scene and "pour cause", as they say in France... or, as we could all say, for many good reasons. In fact, Simone's Gabriel-esque vocals and his undeniable charisma aren't the only merits of The Watch. This song, coming from the album "Ghost", will prove how good all the musicians are and how well found are all the musical themes. True, there's a very strong Genesis (mainly Gabriel's era) influence - something the band will soften during their career - but the composition has its own strength and the song is very well set up, featuring an effective piano and many tempo changes, so that even if the big picture is a familiar one, the track is a dynamic and unpredictable one. 

"Ghost" was the first album the band released as "The Watch".

The weird and dark lyrics add some more originality to "The Ghost & The Teenager", that's why I can't label this band as a mere Genesis clone: they actually got hold of the Charterhouse boys spirit and re-invented their beloved world from a new and genuine point of view. Just listen to the hunting keyboards, the sparkling rythm section or the uncanny guitar work in this song and I'm sure you'll ask for more. That's what I did, after all.

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