Monday 30 March 2015

Pod powieką (Quidam, 1998)

No doubt among the dozens of neo-prog bands born in Poland, Quidam deserve a special place. As this "Pod powieką" (meaning "Behind The Eyes") will easily prove, their music is a rich, flowing stream, leaded by Emilia Derkowska's voice, full of good melodies and dreamy instrumental passages. This song is taken from the band's second album, ""Sny Aniolów", that's to say "Angel's Dream".

This album came two years after the band's acclaimed debut CD.

Never too sweet, but always pleasant, this song includes some well found arrangements, where the acoustic and electric instruments are cleverly mixed. Jacek Zasada's flute is a bonus reason to listen to "Pod powieką", as it perfectly fits into the fairy background. This isn't a band for fully intellectual listeners, but if you like a sensible mix of brains and heart, well, this song's for you and you could also take a go with the rest of Quidam's discography. Enjoy your trip!

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