Sunday, 12 April 2015

The Untold Want (Lady Lake, 2005)

The story of Progressive Rock is full of deceiving reunions, as many bands of old come up with new albums, usually far less interesting than the Golden Era ones. Strangely enough, this wasn't the case with Lady Lake. These Dutch musicians disbanded after their first album "No Pictures", released in 1977 and came back in 2005 with a very good CD called "Supercleandreammachine". "The Untold Want" is the opening suite of this second studio work, divided into twelve musical sketches, most of them  in a melodic and evocative mood, not too far from Camel, and with a touch of ambient music.

There's a trio line-up in this album: keys, drums and guitars.

This epic is a pleasant journey, a series of intense and slightly acid landscapes, where each instrument adds its own touch, like colours do in a Manet's painting. Despite its melodic texture, this track is deep and unpredictable, both fluid and diversified. If I could welcome all reunions as I did with Lady Lake's, well, that would be great to be a progfan in the 21st Century!

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