Friday 24 April 2015

Il banchetto (Premiata Forneria Marconi, 1972)

Another excellent track from PFM's second album "Per un amico". This is a longish one, starting like a gentle, folkish ballad, featuring well found satyrical lyrics about courtiers and opportunism... and probably that's why the band didn't translate this track in English in their first International release. They actually found their way to political song in a Renaissance disguise. 

PFM: The way we were...

This first section is followed by a long instrumental interlude, where the listener is somewhat unsettled and trasported into more adventurous dimensions: fake improvisations, synth embroideries, suggestive piano lines, liquid suggestions and a slow crescendo transform the opening ballad into a challenging still enjoyable prog trip, until the main theme is restored in the reassuring finale. For all those reasons I'd say this song is a true "banchetto" (that's a "feast") for old and new progfans. And the main course is music, of course.

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