Sunday 19 April 2015

The Beginning And The End (Jadis, 1992)

"More Than Meets The Eyes" was the first officially released album by Jadis, the band including such good musicians as IQ members John Jowitt and Martin Orford, and especially Gary Chandler, the leading man of the band. Their music is a melodic one, rather guitar-driven, but, of course, also full of atmospheric keyboards. I especially like this track for its well developed themes and the way each musician gives its best in it.

This is the original CD cover art: you'll also find a special
edition, released in 2004 and including some bonus rarities.

All I like in neo-prog movement is there, while there's no trace of all I could dislike (please note I just st wrote I could dislike): no pomp, no affected arrangements, no musicians showing off useless skills, no sweetish emboideries, no pretentious lyrics. Instead, you'll find those almost visual guitars, flowing like fresh water and a lot of good changes in due time. Really, this is a piece of music that revives me and makes me leave apart dull days and busy streets.

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