Monday, 20 April 2015

Hole (Anekdoten, 1999)

Anekdoten have always been fond of King Crimson's sound, but they've also been so clever to arrange their own style. This is definitely true with this song, "Hole", taken from the album "From Whitin". We find here some "Cadence and Cascade" relics, but also a splendid mix of Northern darkness, bright guitar riffs and updated walls of sound. Nicklas Berg's Mellotron is simply perfect, and the highly creative drumming by Peter Nordins gently supports the rest of the band's emboideries, always delicate and never sweetish.

"From Within" was Anekdoten's third studio album.

What I really like here is the way the band have to dig into their souls, following a fascinating and somewhat painful path. The long down tempo instrumental section filling the central part of the track is beathtaking to me, like glimpses of another world through thin, fluttering veils. Come and see yourselves...

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