Saturday, 4 April 2015

Thoughts (Zaragon, 1984)

The very sound of the '80s is here, my prog friends. Zaragon were an interesting Danish act, playing a lushing kind of neo-prog and playing it well. This long song comes from their first and only album, called "No Return" (that's what they did, more or less...). You'll find a wide, melodic singing, a series of instrumental bridges, sharing the foreground between guitar and keyboard solos. The latter are maybe a little dated today, still they're definitely pleasant.

The CD re-issue of this album includes a specially recorded bonus track.

Please don't forget this song was recorded during the first wave of neo-prog bands, well before Marillion's international success. So Zaragon gathered many different models and inspirations, and if I had to choose the band they look like the most, well, I'd say Eloy, but with a bonus taste for melody. All in all, this is a plain, enjoyable piece of music, something you could listen to on a relaxing, festive morning... remembering all the good old days. Gone but not forgotten.

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