Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Prodigy (Lord Flimnap, 1989)

Can prog be a children's play? Not exactly, but not far from that. Take Lord Flimnap's only album, "Point of View", released in 1989 and luckily re-issued in 2004. All very, very young, those three Israeli musicians met in USA and decided to put down in songs their longing for good ol' prog rock times. Songs like this "Prodigy" sound like naive outtakes from "Trespass", but actually they're full of faith and genuine enthusiasm.

The Israeli label "The Third Ear" re-issued this album in 2004.

Listen to the opening 12 string guitar, enjoy the organ, appreciate the rythm variations and the guitar riffs... and be young, very young for a few minutes. The instrumental passage ruling the centre of "Prodigy" isn't a brand new idea, but it's a prodigy of gentleness and fairy fantasy. No, those boys didn't change the musical world, but I'm sure that prog still exists today thanks to them and to all the people like them, keenly preserving a dream and passing it on.

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