Sunday 15 March 2015

Continuum (Govea, 2009)

A powerful trio from Mexico, Govea are graced by keyboardist Salvador Govea's classically inspired compositions. This "Continuun" is taken from the band's first album ("Danza urbana") and perfectly shows how Govea successfully tried to merge classical measures and jazzy improvisations. The final result is not far from the Italian prog style, and well framed into the symphonic rock and vintage '70s wave. "Continuum" is an instrumental track, based on a brilliant theme and going through some original rythmic variations.

"Danza urbana" was Govea's debut album.

That's why I think you won't be surprised to know that the drummer of this trio is Victor Baldovinos, a member of the jazz-prog act Iconoclasta. The third musician, bassist Luis Arturo Guerrero, works very hard to add some more agitation to the big picture. The only word I found to describe such a process is shaken melody. But music is more important than words...

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