Sunday, 29 March 2015

Selfishness Part I (Different Strings, 2011)

Taken from the album "The Sounds of Silence- Part I: The Counterparts",this is a very interesting piece of music, coming from Malta. "Different Strings" actually are the multi-instrumentalist Chris Mallia's project, including guest musicians and vocalists. Yes, there are many, many different moods and changes in this song, but I also find in it a firm musical point of view, featuring arcane backgrounds and strong, even heavy guitar and keyboard solos in the foreground.

Chris Mallia's band released the 2d part of this concept in 2015.
You might recognise here and there some Golden Era models, but the final result surely is original and pleasant. The track is set up with care, lining up a series of themes and a good mix of classic rock instruments and electronic devices. The listener goes through heaven and hell, ethereal landscapes and full bodied rock 'n' roll sections. Erroll Cutajar's warm and somehow calm vocals probably aren't what you'd expect from a band named after a Rush' song, but I like them anyway. So, welcome to my blog, Different Strings!

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