Friday 6 March 2015

Sparkles in The Dark (Shakary, 2002)

Here you are a Swiss band from the early 2000s, and this is taken from their second album, called "The Last Summer". I know there's nothing really new here, but the combination between traditional neo-prog and a strong melodic vein is always pleasant to me. The singer, Michael Branzino, has a warm tone and a keen, sensitive approach. I also like the alternate piano / synth background and, of course, the dreamy guitar solo by Mario Krag.

"The Last Summer" came after a double CD debut album.

I also recommend the vocal harmonies and the succulent finale, including pipes (or more likely their sampled sound). It's a relaxing song, based on an excellent theme and very well arranged. That's why Paolo Scandella, aka "Scandy", the man behind Shakary, has many good reasons to be proud of his creature, if you ask me.

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