Friday 20 March 2015

A Suite for Everyman (Echolyn, 1992)

When it comes to diversity and fantasy, this US band can't be forgotten. And if you had to choose just one track to get into Echolyn's world, "A Suite for Everyman" should be your best choice. Taken from the album "Suffocating The Bloom", this epic is divided into eleven parts, each one with a mood of its own, still so well lined up that the global effect is that of a complex and coherent tapestry. There are so many good ideas in this song, so many original sounds... full melodies, ethnic rythms, dissonant harmonies, effective guitar solos, brass illuminations, synth progressions and so on.

"Suffocating The Bloom" was Echolyn's second studio album.

Sure, all that stuff could baffle some listeners, but Echolyn have the right amount of good taste and a strong sense of proportion, two essential gifts for such an eclectic band. Finally, this suite will convince you that those clever musicians aren't mere Gentle Giant's followers... well, that wouldn't be a shame, of course!

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