Sunday 8 March 2015

El llarg revolt (L'Herba d'Hamelí, 2009)

Here you are a fascinating, rather original mix of classic prog, Catalan folk and good melodies. This band comes from Barcelona and the song I'm introducing here is part of their album "Inversa Visual". You'll find in it almost all the old progfan's favourite features: tempo changes, eclectic interplays, strong '70s influences, very good performances, a sensitive lead voice... plus, the lyrics in Catalan language, something that's not so usual, after all.

"Inversa Visual" was the band's fourth studio work.

How many excellent instrumental passages! Some of them also include acoustic instruments, so that these musicians are also reminiscent of Mediterranean bands like Premiata Forneria Marconi, Triana or Minimum Vital. That said, the final effect is absolutely original and enthralling. More than 17 minutes of pure progressive joy, one of the best thing I've ever heard from Spain... excuse me, from Catalunya!

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