Tuesday 24 March 2015

Twin Sunrise (Dogma, 1995)

What a beautiful track, this "Twin Sunrise" is! Just my opinion, of course, but please listen to the dynamic intro and I bet you'll decide to go on. Good idea, as this song is one of the best achievements of Brazilian act Dogma, that's responsible for two very good albums released during the '90s. The tempo changes are one of the most known features of these musicians, and so are the electronic effects, something between Jean-Michel Jarre and Rick Wright.

I like both Dogma's studio works. Unfortunately this was the last one.

All the sounds are highly suggestive and "Twin Sunrise" includes some sampled Peruvian flutes, a Gilmour-esque electric guitar, an effective drumming, a brilliant piano and so on. Most of all, this instrumental track is full of musical landscapes, but it never goes ambient, firmly keeping its prog rock mood. Even if the song lasts some 12 minutes, I hardly realize it's a long one... on the contrary, I do think it ends up too soon. Will it be the same with you?

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