Thursday 12 March 2015

En el lago (Triana, 1975)

Triana's debut album, properly titled "Triana", but usually called "El patio" actually is one of the best prog rock releases ever. You'll find other entries from it browsing my little blog, of course. Time has come for me to put into my collection "En el lago" ("Into The Lake"), a song suspended between romantic visions and lysergic trips. Its soft intro leads to an almost psychedelic keyboards plus guitars interplay and then, following De La Rosa's warm voice, the track grows up to reach a fully (prog) rock finale.

"En el lago" was also released as a 7" single, b/w "Diálogo".

As usual with Triana, you'll find beautiful melodies, different moods and some contemplative sketches, even if in this case there are less flamenco references. The final result is a diversified but never too tricky song pattern and the listener is keenly guided through the inner landscapes Triana line up. Be confident and steam away...

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