Monday 16 March 2015

Az átutazó (Tabula Smaragdina, 2010)

We can condider these musicians as a Hungarian act, even if one of their fouders, multi-instrumentalist   Akos Bogáti-Bokor, actually belongs to the Hungarian minority living in Romania. Their prog rock is a very pleasant one, firmly rooted into the synphonic ground and based on very good melodies. The vocals in Hungarian language are gentle and sensitive, while the acoustic instruments - especially the guitar - cleverly add their warm sound to the electronic keyboards.

The title of this album means "Beyond Words".

The title of this song - taken from the album "A Szavakon Túl" - means "The Passenger" and I do see a long distance feeling in it. The Yes-like intro is followed by many different moods and the whole track has a diversified and never boring architecture. Surely the bass lines - also played by Bokor - liven the song and so Zsigó László's percussions do. An interesting, somewhat unexpected way to go synphonic... and a magic gate to modern Eastern European prog.

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