Saturday 7 March 2015

Candle of Life (The Moody Blues, 1969)

One of my favourite songs by The Moody Blues. It comes from the album called "To Our Children's Children's Children", once again one of my favs. This is exactly the kind of gentle, pastoral, deeply emotional prog that only the first gereration of prog rock bands knew how to create. Not only this song swings and flows like pure water, but it also has a mysterious, fascinating, almost dark Mellotron-driven background.

This beautiful album was the TMB's fifth studio work.

And what about the piano? Its touches add kind of a dramatic, biting side to the track, especially to the spacey instrumental bridges that grace "Candle of Life". Maybe the lyrics sound a bit too "love, peace and friendship" in our days, but they're perfectly in tune with the melody, so... who cares? Definitely a classic song for the keenest proggers out there.

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