Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Thousand Stories (Egdon Heath, 1993)

Egdon Heath are one of those bands from the '80s and the 90s we tend to forget nowadays and to file under the "average neo-prog" label of our minds. But there's more than this in Egdon Heath's musical productions. Take this "Thousand Stories", for example. It comes from the album "Him, The Snake And I", released by the late SI Music label. These Dutch musicians succeed in setting up a complex, highly diversified composition, including three different moods in a row.

This was Egdon Heath's third studio album.

Starting like an atmospheric track, the song goes through an almost mainstream rock phase and ends up with an intense, powerful prog ballad, enriched by Maurits Kalsbeek's brilliant vocals. The band also find Despite such a composite appearance, the track achieves its emitional goal and I still listen to it and still enjoy its dramatic edge.

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