Friday 27 March 2015

Mad Cucumber - Part 1 / Бешеный огурец - часть 1 (Sepsis / Сепсис, 1991)

An uncompromising keyboard-free suite by a rather obscure Russian trio, this is the track I'm presenting today. Coming from an act founded by guitarist Alexis Romanov, and from their only album called "Литургия Безумия" (meaning "A Liturgy of Madness"), this could be kind of a good surprise for many of you. Filling the first side of the original LP (the B side featuring a part 2, it goes without saying), this epic is divided into five parts for a total running time of more than 22 minutes.

This is the original cover of the rare Sepsis' LP.

Not an easy listening music, if you believe me, but a unique line up of instrumental themes, all very well developed and played. The general mood is that of an acid and apparently rough prog. Actually, all listeners will find how keenly and cleverly set up this song is, and how many different, colourful landscapes such a music suggests. I was really pleased to listen to this Mad Cucumber thing some years ago (I think it was released on CD in 2000). Hope you'll be too.

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