Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Turn It up (Karmakanic, 2011)

A lively, catchy prog song. Taken from Karmakanic's "In A Perfect World" album, this is exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to less complex and still not trivial songs. Karmakanic could be considered another side project by bassist  Jonas Reingold of  Flower Kings fame, but the band slowly grew up and reached a stand alone status, powered by very good albums and many excellent songs.

"In A Perfect World" was Karmakanic's fourth studio album.

This one isn't among their most adventurous ones, but it has an original arrangement and a somewhat unpredictable pattern that I actually like. Each time "Turn It up" seems to fit into the rules of a traditional song, something unforeseeable comes in, changing and enriching the big picture. It's a fresh and enjoyable way to mix prog and mainstream rock, a pleasant surprise for many prog lovers, I reckon.

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