Thursday, 19 March 2015

That Time of The Night [The Short Straw] (Marillion, 1987)

When Marillion decide to approach a rather traditionally set up song, they do it their way. Luckily. This is exactly the case with "That Time of The Night", sub-titled The Short Straw, and taken from the last Fish era album, "Clutching at Straws". Not only the verse / chorus structure is cleverly enriched and revised by the band, but also the rythmic solutions are very original, providing a suspended and nervous atmosphere, like the darkness before a storm.

A beautiful Picture disc edition of "Clutching at Straws".
I actually like the contrasts between the stretched verses and the wider chorus and between the syncopated bass lines and the ethereal keys. Some six minutes of deep emotions, that's what this song is to me. And a very good way for Fish to say goodbye to the band's fans.

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