Thursday, 5 March 2015

La Nef Elfique (Naos, 1992)

Naos belong to the French "second generation" of proggers, those active during the '80s and the '90s. They surely liked neo-prog British bands - Stéphane Prévost's dynamic bass lines prove that - but they also revived their National traditions, especially Ange's heritage. "La Nef Elfique" (meaning "The Elven Ship") opens the album called "Naïf le rêveur" ("Naïf The Dreamer"), likely their best one, IMHO.

This was the second studio album by Naos.

Once again, no musical revolutions here, but a fresher way to follow some well known and beloved paths through the Prog Forest. Philippe Motté is a good singer, as each note he sings is full of emotion, and he also knows how to write lyrics about overworked topics with a new and special twist. This track is a pleasant and rather energetic one, especially conceived for prog friends looking for a cosy corner in a busy day.

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