Friday, 13 March 2015

Comatose (Pendragon, 2008)

Pendragon's "Pure" album gathered a good deal of positive reviews both on electronic and on printed music magazines, and this "Comatose" clears up the reasons of such a good reception. It's a suite divided into three parts (I. View from The Seashore, II. Space Cadet, III. Home And Dry) and very, very diversified in its moods. Almost metal moments and highly sensitive sections, up tempo riffs and romantic melodies follow one another during the track, providing nearly 20 minutes of real, deep emotions.

"Pure" was Pendragon's eighth studio album.

Old Pendragon gentle atmospheres are there, but a darker vein runs through this epic, so that the whole composition is a succession of bright and obscure passages, and all the transitions are  brilliant, something I especially appeciate in a prog suite. Two final special mentions go to Nick Barrett's solos (and that's rather obvious) and to Scott Higham's drumming, a most dynamic and creative one... let alone Mr. Nolan's skills. The lyrics are also worth the listener's attention, dealing with violence and human weakness.

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