Monday 2 March 2015

Encadenado al ánima (Invisible, 1975)

Invisible were one of the best Argentinian prog bands during the '70s Golden era and this long epic opens their second album, called "Durazno sangrando" and released in 1976. Sung in Spanish, this is a very, very interesting composition, full of different moods and unpredictable changes. Excellent melodies, slightly jazz passages, R'n'B echoes, enjoyable instrumental parts... everything here is well done and well set in its place.

"Durazno sangrando" was Invisible's second studio album.

The vaguely acid guitars stress the original and deep vocal performance, and when the tempo rises up, we also appreciate the rythm section and especially Carlos Rufino's bass guitar. I also like the way the band had to get somewhat liquid and to put bluesy largos into the liveliest moments. I know it sounds incredible, but this is just like Hendrix meets Italian prog. And if you don't believe me, please go and listen for yourself.

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