Wednesday 25 March 2015

Innuendo (Queen, 1991)

Steve Howe's cameo in the central section of this song isn't the only reason why it perfectly fits in a prog rock blog (IMHO, of course). I admire the way Queen set up this title track, including heavy rock riffs, wide open melodies and the rightly famous flamenco section. As usual with them, the band stuffed their song with a great deal of manifold ideas, but this is a very coherent composition, in spite of all the different colours it displays.

This was the last album Queen released before Mercury's death.

Brian May's guitar is on the foreground, but the entire band's sound is thick and well balanced, while Freddie Mercury's voice fly high. I read somewhere Taylor's lyrics were inspired by Led Zeppelin's Kashmir... be as it may, I especially like it as a hymn to freedom and life, one of the best I've ever listened to. We'll just keep on trying till the end of time. A good motto, my prog friends.

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