Sunday, 4 January 2015

Karn Evil 9 (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1973)

This suite split into three Impressions over the two sides of the Brain Salad Surgery album is one of the most popular and representative tracks of ELP. Rich and diversified, this song is an enthralling specimen of keyboard driven rock, but, of course, the three members of the band are all at their best and play as one, something the band used to do in their brightest days. See how each Emerson's touch is perfectly stressed by the rythmic section and how Lake's vocals seem to act as an addictional instrument.

I'm sure I saw those three guys somewhere...

The first Impression shows the rock side of the band, while the second one is a free, experimental piece and the final installment focuses on the trio's symphonic grandeur. I think the reason why most ELP's fans are fond of "Karn Evil 9" is in its three sided nature, displaying all the main features of the band. However, this surely is a breathtaking song, full of energy and colours, dazzling and overflowing. In a word, ELP.

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