Saturday, 17 January 2015

Sur l'Océan couleur de fer (Alcest, 2010)

Alcest is the brand name of French multi-instrumentalist Neige, who usually sings, plays all the instruments and writes both music and lyrics. This track, whose title means "On The Iron Coloured Ocean", comes from the album "Ecailles de Lune" ("Moon Scales") and features lyrics by Paul-Jean Toulet and is a calm, nocturnal song we could label as "post-rock" piece, following the current definitions.

This was Alcest's second studio album.

Even if the whole song goes on the same (very down) tempo, the listener's attention is kept alive by the delicious, subtle guitar variations and by the keen succession of sung and instrumental parts. It isn't a music for the adventurous souls, I daresay, but there you are some 8 minutes of dreams, a charming trip along Wonderland paths. Close your eyes and have a go...

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