Sunday 18 January 2015

Buscando algo de novo (Spin XXI, 2006)

Here you are a very late debut album for a Brazilian band whose roots go back to the '70s. They disbanded, re-united, changed their name al least two times... and finally they released the album "Contraponto" in 2006. A very good example of vintage prog revisited and empowered with some modern devices. After all, this track is called "Buscando algo de novo", something like "Searching for Something New". And there is something new, I think, especially in the theatrical and passionate performance of vocalist Kakao Figueiredo, but also in some of the guitar effects.

"Contraponto" also was one of the band's previous names.

Luckily for an old man as I am, many other things are well known and very good: the mood changes, the fusion od acoustic and electric instruments, the effective keyboards and a good deal of melodies. The moment I like above all the rest is the Banks-like keyboard solo just before the final section, that also is a recommended highlight of this song. So, if you feel like diving into the old prog sea, please, enjoy yourself.

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