Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Another Friday Night (Hoggwash, 2007)

The Ukrainian keyboardist and singer Antony Kalugin, of Karfagen fame (see elsewhere in this blog), also created Hoggwash project, bringing on a somewhat easier side of prog, not too far from neo-prog sounds. This "Another Friday Night", taken from the album "The Last Horizon" develops such a musical concept in all its usual features and with the greatest care.

"The Last Horizon" was the debut album for Hoggwash.

The main theme is a captivating and melodic one, while the arrangements insist on modern key effects and a good deal of electric and acoustic guitars by Roman Philonenko, the band's co-leader. Some of the effects Kalugin displays here remind me of Polish band Collage, and the keen sound engineering surely is another strong point of this song. A pleasant listening, a well balanced track dealing with both vintage and contemporary prog, a humble and hopefully useful suggestion for my prog friends out there. 

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