Monday 26 January 2015

Nürnberg (Hoelderlin, 1975)

Here you are a short, melodic, beautiful song with the right amount of German twist. This is "Nürnberg" by Hoelderlin, the shorter track from their 1975 self-titled album. If their first album, released three years before, was mainly a folk one, this time Hoelderlin surely set up a prog-folk work, with plenty of epics, original ideas, and instruments. "Nürnberg" is kind of a gentle interlude between two epic tracks, but I adore the way the band writed and played it.

This album includes five songs. All are excellent, IMHO.

This acoustic ballad is simply perfect, a nocturnal song full of poetry that never indulges in useless preciosity: just the sweetness you need, nothing more, nothing less. Such a balance is reinforced by the English lyrics about a short-lived love affair, so bare and essential. Enjoy.

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