Monday 12 January 2015

Remember The Future Part One (Nektar, 1973)

Nektar really is an unsettling band, so difficult to label. Even its nationality is disputable, as the band's members are mostly British, but the Group itself is based in Germany since its foundation. Their music is also a manifold one, including classic prog elements and many mainstream rock, pop and psychedelic hints. This track fills the first side of the original "Remember The Future" LP and it's an intriguing specimen of the early '70s music since the opening wa-wa guitar until the arcane, spacey closing section.

This war Nektar's fourth studio album.

You'll smell here the hippy atmosphere, a scent of acid trip, but you'll also enjoy very good melodies and many pleasant mood changes. This suite is divided into four parts (Images of The Past, Wheel of Time, Remember The Future and Confusion) and - as the title suggests - continues with Part Two on the LP's second side. If you'd like to spend 16 minutes or so in a visionary and colourful musical trip, this track is for you.

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