Friday, 2 January 2015

Kuch Hai (Mizraab, 2004)

How many (metal) prog bands do you know coming from Pakistan? And how many good ones? May as it be, Mizraab are an excellent way into Karachi less known but interesting rock scene. As I'm not specially into prog metal, here you are a rather melodic song fron their concept album "Maazi, Haal, Mustaqbil " or, in Urdu alphabet, ماضی، حال، مستقبل , meaning "Past, Present, Future". I admire the suspenced mood of this track, and also the perfect mix of electric and acoustic guitars throughout the composition.

Mizraab are getting more and more popular in their own Country.

Even if this band has no keyboardist, the background effects are rich and arcane, with an intriguing pinch of Arab music inside. All the rest, however, is purely prog, paying respect to such masters as Rush and Dream Theater. That said, this band is highly original and offers its own blend of atmospheric, ethnic, bombastic and melodic rock. The composer, singer and guitarist Faraz Anwar surely has a lot of strong ideas, an eclectic voice and plays guitar very, very well, as the solos of this track will prove even to the most demanding prog lovers. Enjoy.

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