Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The Gamer (The Windmill, 2013)

With two albums called "To Be Continued..." and "The Continuation", these Norwegian musicians seem to have a coherent project in their minds. Well, they actually do a very good mix of classic and contemporary prog and I like the way they arrange catchy tunes and more complex arrangements. When it comes to a long epic like "The Gamer", they also showcase solid organizing skills. The recurring themes, the instrumental variations, the way each instrument comes in and plays its role in due time, the keen succession of melodic themes and rock riffs, swing and neo-prog... all is in tune here.

This second Windmill's album features five tracks.,
all very good ones, IMHO.

The Windmill also know the importance of writing good lyrics and in this song deal with such a present-day theme as game addiction. The epic is divided into three parts and vocals are shared between Erik Borgen (Parts I-II) and Jean Robert (part III). That's an effective solution,IMHO, and after all these boys don't like rigid divisions when it comes to instruments and you'll often listen two guitars or two keyboards playing.  Another good reason to meet The Windmill.

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