Sunday, 25 January 2015

Keep The Yellow Intact (Uphill Work, 2008)

Such a beutiful and unusual prog track, this "Keep The Yellow Intact" is. It comes from the album "Conterclockwise", the debut CD by Moscow based band Uphill Work, one of the most original Russian proggers I came across in recent years. The biting, ironic singing, the vaudeville rythm, the excellent piano bridges and the catchy melody are but a few of the strong point of this song. I also recommend the clever succession of sung and instrumental parts and the rather limited duration time, something useful if you want to amaze your listener.

An original cover art for an original band, I'd say.

And actually this song amazes me with his out of time mood, somewhere between a Victorian freak show and an industrial pop piece. Of course, this band also offer more traditional prog songs in their albums - always with an original twist, I must say - but I think this one is perfect to arouse my prog friends curiosity...

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