Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Lie And The Liar (Ageness, 2009)

Pleasant, sweet but never sweetish, Ageness' music seems to me a sensible compronise between neo-prog melodies and symphonic rock arrangements. These Finnish musicians like IQ and Marillion, but also Rush and Genesis (Igeness would have been a perfect anagram of the latter), so their music is well balanced and doesn't sound monotone at all. I like their largos and the skilled guitar solos  by Speedy Saarinen (once again, nomen omen...).

This album came after an eleven years hiatus. It's the last one to date. 

But then, this is a mature track, coming from the band's fifth studio album,"Songs from The Liar's Lair", showing how much a well attended musical clockwork can be refined year after year. This doesn't mean Ageness are a cold hearted band: they always add the right dose of soul and emotions to their best songs - such as this one - and the vocal performance is an excellent way to succeed in this. A very good and captivating way to prog, I'd say.

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