Sunday 11 January 2015

Seventy Five (Touch, 1969)

Here'a a very early example of prog rock (or of something very prog-like) coming from a USA band that only released one self-titled album in 1969. This 11 minutes song has all the main features of that kind of acid prog ravaging the Western World during the late '60s. Kingsmen's ex member Don Gallucci at keyboards and John Bordonaro's drums are the band's musical pillars, but I wouldn't forget the vocal performances of Jeff Hawks, as this song may prove.

Unfortunately, Touch disbanded soon after their debut album.

"Seventy Five" includes many tempo and mood changes, some lysergic, almost liturgical down tempo interludes and also a rather long instrumental section, where keyboards and guitars storm like hell, very well supported by the rythm section. Tracks like this one opened the doors to the forthcoming prog generation and even if Touch didn't become a successful act, they are not forgotten today. Not by me, at least.

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