Thursday, 22 January 2015

Obsolescence (Abel Ganz, 2014)

This is one of my favourite suites released during the '10s and surely is a most interesting piece of music. Divided into five different but perfectly matching parts, "Obsolescence" represents the Scottish band's new deal at its best. The folk and acoustic elements come with a modern and brilliant prog sound and the final result is worth the greatest attention. Not only there are excellent melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies, but the listener is overwhelmed by the flushing instrumental parts, bright and delicate, that's true, but also dense and colourful.

This self-titled album was the band's sixth studio work.

The different moods and the diversified rythmic solutions add a special value to the song, also enriched by graceful lyrics depicting the inner echoes suggested by the most intimate moments of a day, from dawn to dawn,. Close Your Eyes is the title of one of these song sections and I actually think one should close the eyes and follow the pure streaming of such a charming suite. The album including this pearl was released thanks to an Internet fundraising campaign... a very good reason to be grateful to the net, I daresay.

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