Monday, 5 January 2015

Gates of Darkness 1 (Art Zoyd, 1995)

I confess that some avant-garde tracks are beyond my weak comprehension and my frail musical culture. This is also true for many Art Zoyd's songs, but not for this one. "Gates of Darkness 1" (a "Gates of Darkness 2" also exists in the same o.s.t. album) is an arcane, mysterious, suspended track, with deals of experimental sounds and weird chord series, but nonetheless it is a charming, riveting piece of music. The first part has even a well found theme, whose variations are definitely clever and perfectly arranged in a sort of crescendo leading to an abrupt end.

After Art Zoyd's successful projects, many other prog bands
composed music soundtracks for silent films.

The second section of the track is mostly experimental, introducing a drumming-driven, scary ambient sound, perfectly into the movie this soundtrack was created for, the original 1926 silent film "Faust" by Murnau (the band had previously released a soundtrack for "Nosferatu", also directed by Murnau). But you don't need to actually see the film to appreciate the deep darkness of this music, even if the visual content surely empowers the alienating effect of the track. This is not something to sing along, as you can imagine, but this is what I'd call music for the mind.

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