Wednesday 7 January 2015

Un senso all'impossibile (La Maschera di Cera, 2006)

Among the many Fabio Zuffanti's projects, La Maschera di Cera found its way to my heart since their very first record. Even if I like all their works, my favourite one probably is "LuxAde", a concept album about Life and Death, loosely linked to the Greek myth of Orpheus. The whole album is a gem, IMHO, with the '70s taste that's this band's trademark, but the short suite "Un senso all'impossibile" (meaning "A Reason to the Impossible", some 10 minutes of length) is one of the most poetic and darkest symphonic tracks you can imagine.

"Luxade"was the band's third studio album.

This mini-suite is sharply divided into two sections called Teatro di follia and Il Ricordo ("Theatre of Madness" and "The Memory", respectively) There's an excellent main theme, a very melodic one, going through many variations and graced by a flute-driven arrangement. I also like the vintage keyboards sections, so close to my old Charterhouse friends, and still perfectly fresh and convincing. Despite the strong flute presence and the abundance of slow tempos, this track isn't a mellow one, and has a gloomy, suspended, original atmosphere. If you didn't know the band, that's an inviting gate to their music.

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