Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Time to Understand (Anima Mundi, 2010)

No doubt Anima Mundi is the most observant prog band from Cuba and this "Time to Undestrand" will easily prove how much they like progressive masters and how well they re-elaborate their models. You'll find here - and in the rest of "The Way" album - an up-to-date version of prog, full of tension and emotions. Virginia Peraza's keyboards are bombastic and also sensistive, while Carlos Sosa's vocals are somewhere between Steve Walsh and Perter Gabriel and Roberto Diaz plays very well a vast choice of electric and acoustic guitars.

"The Way" was the third Anima Mundi's studio album. 

Sure, around minute 6:00 we come across another Apocalypse in 9/8-ish quotation (Someone should list all of them, someday), but they soon exploit it in an original and pleasant way. And then, here you are a heartbreaking atmospheric section, featuring very good vocals too, finally leading to an excellent dreaming guitar solo. Many changes, many well found sounds, many good melodies... this definitely is one of my favourite prog tracks of the '10s. Try it and let me know your impressions, my prog friends.

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