Friday 30 January 2015

Go on My Way (Social Tension, 1989)

If you like keyboard-oriented prog and powerful trios, this track is for you. It comes from the album "Macbethia", by Social Tension, a Japanese band active between late '80s and early '90s, strongly influenced by ELP, but also liking up to date electronic devices. Mainly instrumental (but including some good sung melodies), this song isn't boring or monotone at all: many tempo changes and some original sounds catch the listener's attention.

This band released two studio albums.

As you can imagine, along with the modern samplings you'll find here some Hammond progressions by Nobuo Endoh and an excellent old style rythm section, provided by Suguru Iwasaki (drums) and Masahiko Õta (bass guitar). The classical influence is obvious, but the Japanese lyrics and the wall of sound climax give a rock opera taste to the song, something I usually don't like so much, but I actually appreciate here.

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