Saturday, 3 January 2015

Oda al Tulipán (Frágil, 1981)

Here you are a band from Peru knowing how to mix symphonic and pop arrangements. Take as a tester this track of their debut album "Avenida Larco". It's a diversified, flushing, still well organised track, where all instruments find their place, with the beautiful addiction of horns. The lyrics in Spanish are among the weirdest ones in the usually weird domain of prog lyrics, so I'll leave their interpretation to my smartest prog friends. For sure,the title means "Ode to The Tulip", and that's saying something.

After "Avenida Larco", the band released three more studio albums.

Anyway, the music is the strongest point here. A very good theme, a series of well played solos, an effective keyboard background, a naive, joyful mood everywhere. Those qualities made of Frágil a popular band in their own Country and recommend more attention to their music worldwide.

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