Thursday 8 January 2015

Arco Iris (Estructura, 1980)

During the '80s, it was easier to find very good prog albums in South American Countries than in Europe. This is exactly the case with Estructura's self titled LP, including this "Arco Iris". Even if David Mamán's keyboards are definitely influenced by Rick Wakeman, this song is more than bombastic (and well played) keys. Firstly, I appreciate Antonio Rassi's guitars, giving an essential contribution to the big picture, then I won't forget María Eugenia Ciliberto's vocal performance, bright and strong as a prog rock voice should be.

This was the band's second (and last) studio cd.

The whole band offer a convincing proof of their prog (and rock) nature. The classic and delicate intro soon becomes an up tempo wall of sound, then a melodic sung theme and so many other things afterwards. No time for getting bored, my prog friends... just pure, enjoyable, plain prog. And if you find this too easy for your tastes, well, forgive me, but I like some catchy and sunny tunes now and then.

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