Monday 13 October 2014

Time And A Word (Yes, 1970)

The title track of the second studio album by Yes will always fascinate me. Not only its melody is one of the best creations by the band (well, this is co-signed by Jon Anderson and his Warriors ex-bandmate David Foster, so this is only 50% pure Yes made!), but I think that some of the most known features of the rising Yes sound start here. The loud bass lines, the airy chorus, the rich wall of sound, the keen vocal arrangements, the hiatus between Anderson's angel voice and the rock band background... it's all there!

In 1970 Yes were ready to launch their new musical vision.
Of course, here the lyrics aren't as tricky as in the following albums, and the classic song structure is still visible, but some expansions are already in place, so that we're halfway between the good old pop-rock and the new, exciting prog. That said, this is a song I never get tired to put in my playing list...

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