Monday, 20 October 2014

Jour après jour (Ange, 1975)

This song comes from the album "Émile Jacotey", one of the finest fruits of the French Prog tree (and you'll find other tracks from this LP in this little blog). "Jour après jour" ("Day by Day", in English) is a short, lyrical ballad exploiting the concept of the album about traditional country life. A medieval legend - the huntress and the white deer - matches with an acoustic, sweet melody, sung by Christian Décamps on a calm, almost whispering tone.
Ange in 2008. They're still on the road today.

The whole atmosphere is suspended between the real world and another, fairy dimension, so that the soft arrangement partly conceals a deeper, obscure fear. As usual, Ange intertwine magic and music, tradition and innovation. In short, they did exactly what a prog band should do.

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