Wednesday, 8 October 2014

To Where The Maps End (Rainbow Danger Club, 2011)

This is a fascinating mix of pop, prog and post-rock, ending up in a melodic and slow tempo song, full of good musical ideas and based on both electric and acoustic instruments, mostly the excellent Lao Xing Gan's trumpet. The melancholy mood of the track isn't as dark as many other contemporary creations. On the contrary, this is a dreamy world where Coldplay meet Genesis and the traditional prog gently flows into the math-rock stream.

"Where Maps End" was the band's debut album.

There's a growing presence of modern prog musicians in China today (you'll find more of them in this blog too), and it seems to me that  these bands set up their rarefied architectures with a keen attention to details and an undeniable good taste. IMHO, this track is but another proof of such a musical blossoming. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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